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From: Hugh Caley <hcaley at tdl dot com>
Subject: Re: Capital letters in Names
Date: May 18 1998 9:41PM

This fixes my problem.  Thank you to the several kind people who answered.  I
guess my local SQL guru didn't understand my question about this...


Michael Peppler wrote:

> Hugh Caley writes:
>  > Sorry if this is a bit simplistic for this list.
>  >
>  > My users want to do queries of Company names in one of our databases.
>  > The queries must ignore case; however, various words in the name may or
>  > may not be capitalized (such as Bank of America).
>  >
>  > Can anyone suggest a good way to do this?  I can't find a way to do a
>  > case-insensitive query to the database...
> You *can* do a case insensitive query using lower() or upper(), but be
> aware that this will likely not use any indexes that you may have on
> the name field.
> See the SQL server reference manual, in the string functions section.
> Michael
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