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From: Marco Hernandez <mahern at digi-ham dot new-york dot ny dot us>
Subject: Administrative errata ...
Date: May 18 1998 1:44PM

Hi all,

Lately there has been much confusion about how to unsubscribe from the
sybperl-l mailing list.  Because of this, there have been an unusual
number of unsubscribe messages sent to the list.

Sybperl-l is managed by Listproc, a mailing list manager.  Listproc is
similar to Listserv, Majordomo etc... but different enough from all other
packages to confuse almost everyone.

To unsubscribe from this mailing list, send email to:

and in the body of the mail type:

	unsubscribe sybperl-l

If you get an error, stating that you are not subscribed, etc.. please
email me:

and not the entire list, I will attend to the problem as soon as possible.
I might not get back to you within minutes but at least by the end of the
day you will here from me.

To find out more about listproc, go to:

or send the command


in the body of an email message to


Marco Hernandez
Sybperl-l List Manager