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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: BCP Error handling
Date: May 15 1998 1:33AM

Craig Kickel writes:
 > Good Morning,
 > 	I've been using the CTlib portion of Sybperl for quite a
 > while now -- and loving it.
 > 	Today, I've come across my first need to use the BCP
 > portion.  So far it's been coming together pretty well.
 > However, I'm not quite sure how to do the error handling.
 > Normally, I would use ct_callback methods to put my own
 > error routines in place.  Of course, they aren't available
 > under BCP/DBlib.

For normal DBlib calls you have dbmsghandle() that is basically the
same as ct_callback(CS_SERVERMSG_CB).

You should look at the documentation for the bcp_*() calls in the
Sybase manuals. Basically bcp_sendrow() only fails if there is an
error on the client side. If there is an error on the server (such as
a duplicate row, or a conversion error) it will be reported when
either bcp_done() or bcp_batch() are called.

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