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From: Tim dot Bunce at ig dot co dot uk (Tim Bunce) (Tim Bunce)
Subject: Re: DBI/DBD error handling?
Date: May 14 1998 5:34PM

> From: Michael Peppler 
> Ken Fasman writes:
>  > Michael,
>  > 
>  > The DBI spec appears to be vague on this issue.  Does the generic interface
>  > allow for multiple errors to be raised and processed, or will one have to 
>  > implement a Sybase-specific extension as you did with "syb_more_results"?
> I don't remember if the DBI spec allows for this - I haven't had the
> time to do anything with this issue for the last 6 months,
> unfortunately. If it turns out that multiple error messages from a
> single SQL statement is not handled by the DBI then I will certainly
> add code to process it (somehow).

The approach taken by DBD::ODBC is to concatenate the error messages.
That's reasonable since for ODBC all the errors relate to a single error
(roughly speaking).

That probably less true for Sybase.