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From: "Lee Falkenhagen" <falkenl at hotmail dot com>
Subject: Getting Row Counts using sql() and transaction management
Date: May 14 1998 3:13PM

I am using the sql command to execute several update statements based 
upon data I read from a file.  The file is a tab-delimited file that I 
read in and create a update statement for each row based upon a key that 
is defined from the first five values in the file.

Because each row in the file is a separate update statement, I need to 
track how many rows I have processed.  My idea is to declare a variable 
and just increment it as each statement is processed.

My question is this:  how does sql determine if an error occurs if you 
are batching statements together.  In theory, I should be able to use 
begin tran and commit tran to make sure it is all or nothing.  Do I make 
separate sql calls with begin tran/rollback/commit?

Also, sql returns the result set in an array.  Is there a way to get 
@@rowcount from it.  I saw in the document about DBCOUNT, but, that does 
not seem to work with sql...

Or should I just use sql for select statements?


Lee Falkenhagen
Certified Sybase Professional

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