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From: "Dennis R dot Sherman" <dennis_sherman at unc dot edu>
Subject: (Fwd) Re: Size of null char field
Date: Apr 29 1998 5:15PM

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From: GM Alterland 
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Subject: Re: Size of null char field
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In a former life we used DB-lib and I distinctly recall
having some parameter that you could set to "drop" those
extra space from the return sets. Novadays the power that
be dictate that use CT-lib only, so we end up doing somthing


for every single value that we extract (too bothersome
remebering which rows are nulls or not nulls). I'd be
eternally grateful if somebody could tell me of a CT
way to drop those extra spaces before they are even fetched.

> M Brown wrote:
> Lee is correct :
> This is an except from Sybooks :
> "Length and Storage Size
> This example illustrates how the column's datatype and null type
> interact to determine how blank spaces are treated:
> +Only char not null and nchar not null columns are padded to the full
> width of the column; char null columns are treated like varchar and
> nchar null columns are treated like nvarchar.

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