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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Memory leak report
Date: Apr 28 1998 4:07PM

Masatsuyo Takahashi writes:
 > Hello,
 > I am rather new to the mailing list, although I've been using Sybperl
 > for more than three years. I really enjoy programming Sybperl.
 > Having read messages on memory leaks in Sybase::CTlib last week,
 > I thought it might be better to post this report.
 > I have a similar problem with it.
 > In my case, leaks seem to occur on the following conditions:
 > 	(C1) repeated calls to ct_execute() with the same handle
 > 	(C2) callbacks to servermsg_cb(), which occur in case of errors
 > Struggling with CTlib.xs, I've found that the following modifications
 > seem to PARTIALLY improve the problem, i.e., (C1) only,
 > while they do not completely solve it, i.e., not yet (C2).
 > 	(M1) Add "cleanUp(info);"  to the entry of describe()
 > 	(M2) "describe(info, NULL, 0);" AFTER, instead of BEFORE,
 > 	     "newdbh()" in servermsg_cb()
 > 	(M3) "cleanUp(info);" when New(902, info, 1, ConInfo) has been done
 > The question is whether I am digging around in the RIGHT direction,
 > rather than making it worse or degrade.

This is probably one of the directions that need to be
explored. Thanks very much for the effort. As soon as I have a little
more time I will go through your findings in detail and report back to 
the list.

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