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From: Kersti Rock <karm at t10 dot lanl dot gov>
Subject: Sybperl binary?
Date: Apr 24 1998 7:15PM

I have perl5.004_04 installed locally, in a separate but parallel directory
to sybperl2.09.  Perl installed completely on our Solaris 2.5 system and
the sybperl "make", "make test" and "make install" also completed without
error messages.  However, there is no "sybperl" binary anywhere and I have
done a complete search of the sybperl, perl and sybase directory trees.
The sybperl Makefile has "INSTALLDIRS" set to "site".  When I try to enter
a specfic path for this variable, I get the error message that "pure_mypath"
cannot be found.  What is the significance for the "pure_" prefix that is
used in several places in the Makefile?  Why doesn't the Makefile put the
"sybperl" binary in the ...perl/bin path...where the current settings seem
to say it will be?  

Thanks for any advice or help,

Kersti Rock