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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Problem with DATETIME value.
Date: Apr 24 1998 3:23PM

Steve Allen writes:
 > Folks,
 > I have a problem with using datetime can anybody help,
 > The following code can be run any number of times depending on how many
 > times the user select next from a selection box, but on the third
 > attempt all seems ok if print the values before for mon,year,day all
 > seems fine but after passing into the newdate function it is reset to 1
 > jan 1900, but it works the first two times.?
 > $startdate = Sybase::DBlib::DateTime;

This line doesn't make any sense. I guess you're trying to say the
$startdate should be of type Sybase::DBlib::DateTime, but what you're
actually doing (because you probably are not running with 'use strict' 
turned on) is setting it to the string 'Syabse::DBlib::DateTime'.

The type of the variable (or more precisely, the package into which a
reference is blessed) is handled in newdate().

That said I can't really see anything else that is wrong in your
code. I would suggest turning on full warnings (-w) and use strict and 
then seeing what happens. Also, you can run the code in the perl
debugger to see what happens, and check the web server's error log for 

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