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From: "Dennis R dot Sherman" <dennis_sherman at unc dot edu>
Subject: ADMIN: List Moving
Date: Apr 20 1998 5:11PM

The machine which has been hosting the Sybperl-L mailing list is going to be 
retired shortly.  We will no longer be hosting lists in-house at TRLN.

I have available a list hosting service, run by the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill, to which I can move the list.  This service
currently uses LISTPROC software, see for more
information. However, this service does not currently have available web
access to mailing list archives.  I see this as a disadvantage.  Archives
would be available via email.  

I would be happy to hand off list ownership to someone who has available a 
good system for web-based list archives, in addition to the basics of a 
dependable mailing list handler.

If you are interested in taking over management of this list, please let me
know via direct mail -- I don't want this discussion taking over the
Sybperl-L mailing list.  Tell me about your available facilities, what other
lists run there now, how your archives work.  If I don't get a response I
think will be likely to work out (oldtimers will remember the first time the
list moved from Michael's alias list) I'll move it to the listproc service at 
UNC-CH and simply accept the loss of keyword indexed access to the archives.

The machine will be retired in the next month or two (date not yet certain), 
the list is currently around 450 subscribers.  If you need more information 
before you can consider it, please mail me directly.
  Dennis R. Sherman              Triangle Research Libraries Network       Univ. of North Carolina - Chapel Hill