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From: Robb Canfield <robbc at canfield dot com>
Subject: Re: New to perl need help on arrays.
Date: Apr 16 1998 3:58PM

Perl's associate arrays are very useful for this type of task.  Associate
arrays (also known as HASH arrays) are characterized by using STRING
elements for an index instead of an array offset like most languages use.
Perl supports very complex nested data structures which I use extensively
when translating multiple-table records to and from single page Web pages.

Unfortunately without more details on what you are trying to do I can't
provide specific help, and this is probably the wrong forum for Perl
specific help, see below.

The following reference may be of help:

The base document is at:

A discussion of complex data types is at:

Be sure to get "Programming Perl" 2nd edition. It is published by O'Reilly
& Associates. ISBN: 1-56592-149-6.

You will also find the various Perl newsgroups extremely helpful.

At 02:24 PM 4/16/98 +0100, you wrote:
>I have a problem to solve, firstly I need to create a dynamic array to
>hold data retrieved from a text file, or db in perl.(sybperl)
>its sort of a diary feature, the results are all the entries for peoples
>however if do not have an entry for a day between start and finish I
>need to create one.
>the results would be user, movement description, and date
>then print out the elements afterwards, or manipulate etc.
>can anybody help?
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