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From: iwakata at netscape dot com (Yasushi Iwakata)
Subject: Re: How to let the server know the client character set
Date: Apr 8 1998 5:06AM

Dear Mr.Peppler,

All three ways worked.  I am going to use DBSETLCHARSET().
Thank you very much for the useful suggestions.


Michael Peppler wrote:

> >>>>> "Yasushi" == Yasushi Iwakata  writes:
>     Yasushi> Hi.  I got the following a warning message when I ran
>     Yasushi> "make test" after compiling sybperl-2.09_04 on Japanese
>     Yasushi> Solaris 2.5.1.
>     Yasushi> *****************Warning Message*************
>     Yasushi> t/bcp...............Sybase message 2401, Severity 11,
>     Yasushi> state 2 Line 1 Character set conversion is not available
>     Yasushi> between client character set 'iso_1' and server character
>     Yasushi> set 'sjis'.
>     Yasushi> ok All tests successful.
>     Yasushi> *****************Warning Message**************
>     Yasushi> Sybase is using SJIS (Shift-JIS) as its character set.
>     Yasushi> In my case, the client is "JPerl" , Perl5.004 with
>     Yasushi> Japanese patch applied.  Since the client JPerl is also
>     Yasushi> using Shif-JIS as its character set, it is not necessary
>     Yasushi> to do any conversions.
>     Yasushi> I would like to know how to let the server know the
>     Yasushi> client is also using the same character set.  If it is
>     Yasushi> not possible, I would like to supress this warning
>     Yasushi> message at least.
> You can:
> Use DBSETLCHARSET() in your perl scripts to set the character set
> of the client.
> Customize the message handler to ignore message #2401.
> Install the iso_1 character set on the server (in addition to the
> shift-jis character set).
> Michael

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