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From: "Milan Mikic" <Milan dot Mikic at gartmore dot com>
Subject: Re: Error handling
Date: Mar 26 1998 9:14AM


not to my knowledge. Here it is:

# @(#)    1.5  10/18/95
# Copyright (c) 1994
#   Michael Peppler and ITF Management SA
#   You may copy this under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
#   or the Artistic License, copies of which should have accompanied
#   your Perl kit.

# A couple of utility stuff for both Sybase::DBlib and Sybase::Sybperl

sub message_handler
    my ($db, $message, $state, $severity, $text, $server, $procedure,
     = @_;

    # Don't display 'informational' messages:
    if ($severity > 10)
     print STDERR ("Sybase message ", $message, ", Severity ", $severity,
            ", state ", $state);
     print STDERR ("\nServer `", $server, "'") if defined ($server);
     print STDERR ("\nProcedure `", $procedure, "'") if defined
     print STDERR ("\nLine ", $line) if defined ($line);
     print STDERR ("\n    ", $text, "\n\n");

# &dbstrcpy returns the command buffer.

         my ($lineno, $cmdbuff) = (1, undef);

         $cmdbuff = &Sybase::DBlib::dbstrcpy($db);

         foreach $row (split (/\n/, $cmdbuff))
          print STDERR (sprintf ("%5d", $lineno ++), "> ", $row, "\n");
    elsif ($message == 0)
     print STDERR ($text, "\n");


sub error_handler {
    my ($db, $severity, $error, $os_error, $error_msg, $os_error_msg)
     = @_;
    # Check the error code to see if we should report this.
    if ($error != SYBESMSG) {
     print STDERR ("Sybase error: ", $error_msg, "\n");
     print STDERR ("OS Error: ", $os_error_msg, "\n") if defined


&dbmsghandle ("message_handler");
&dberrhandle ("error_handler");

1; on 25/03/98 17:01:22

Please respond to

cc:    (bcc: Milan Mikic/GB/GARTMORE)
Subject:  Re: Error handling

Milan Mikic wrote:
> Dear All,
> Here is a peace of code trying to use example of error/message handling
> supplied with Sybperl 2.03. Does anyone have an idea why it does not
> out any error messages, knowing that table dfdfdf does not exist in the
> database.
Your code definitely produces the correct error message here.
I've looked at the 2.03 code and I can't see why it wouldn't
print the error.
Has the file been modified locally?
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