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From: Robb Canfield <robbc at canfield dot com>
Subject: Re: Making Sybperl on Redhat 5.0
Date: Mar 20 1998 7:00AM

Verify that the port address is correct, my install used 5000 instead of
4100 (see Mike's message below).

I received a 'Segmentation Fault' error until I verified my configuration
and used the latest versions of CTLIB and SybPerl. Now even the DBI stuff
is working. One final note, I also updated my RedHat via the latest patches
from RedHat, this includes the glibc 2.0.6-9. Maybe Mike can shed some
light on which glibc he is using. Some comments on this list indicate that
an older glibc may cause problems.

But in any case, your interfaces file should not cause a system fault, even
if it is wrong. Tests will fail with the exact message you indicated but
the program should not core dump.

Which test is generated this message, CTLIB or SybPerl?

At 04:51 PM 3/19/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Mike Gross wrote:
>> Robb, Michael (or anyone else)
>> Can you provide a sample Sybase interfaces file (used under Redhat 5.0) ?
>> I'm not clear on what the format is. I'm currently getting the following
>> error (displayed using hard-coded debug in CTlib.c)
>>         ct_connect: network packet layer: internal net library error:
>> specified server name attribute could not be found
>> After this error, the CTlib code CORE dumps in ct_client_msg.
>> I've tried what Robb and Michael listed in terms of configuration....but
>> 'make test' still fails with a core dump.
>## SYBASE on
>##       Services:
>##              master  tcp     (4100)
>##              query   tcp     (4100)
>	master tcp eth0 4100
>	query  tcp eth0 4100
>(obviously change to the appropriate host :-)
>> Thanks for your help....Mike
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Robb Canfield 
>> To: 
>> Date: Thursday, March 19, 1998 2:03 PM
>> Subject: Re: Making Sybperl on Redhat 5.0
>> I had a similar problem under RedHat 5.0 and after multiple installs it
>> away. I attempted to reproduce my original problem and was unable to. I
>> suspect
>> my error was related to not setting each of the configuration items
>> properly.
>> Sometimes I had the interfaces set right, and not DSQUERY, etc.  Also doing
>> the
>> make install seemed to help on the next install pass.
>> Make sure you are using the latest CTLIB and SybPerl modules
>>    sybperl-2_09_02
>>    ctlib-linux-elf-dynamic
>> The following must all be set correctly:
>> CTLIB module:
>>   interfaces file in the CTLIB module (root of wherever CTLIb was placed)
>>   SYBPLATFORM=Linux in the environment - not everyone has needed to do
>> but I had to
>> SypPerl module
>>   Verify the following in CONFIG:
>>     DBLIBVS=0
>>     SYBASE={root directory of CTLIB module, where the interfaces file is}
>>     EXTRA_LIBS=-linsck
>>     Make the line "LINKTYPE=static" is not commented in the CONFIG file
>>   make sure DSQUERY is set properly in the environment
>>   do a perl Makefile.PL - do this any time the CONFIG file is changed
>>   do a make clean - just in case

>>   Follow the normal install instructions
>>   If the test fails - this is weird but it worked for me, I have not
>> confirmed
>> that it is necessary
>>     make install
>>     make clean
>>     restart the install for SybPerl
>> I hope this helps
>> At 09:49 AM 3/19/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> >
>> > Has anyone had success in making/porting Sybperl 2.09_02 under Linux
>> Redhat
>> > 5.0 ? I am unable to successfully run make test (the t/ctlib test core
>> > dumps).
>> >
>> > Thanks Mike
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