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From: Robb Canfield <robbc at canfield dot com>
Subject: Re: Simple SybPerl test fails
Date: Mar 11 1998 5:25PM

I only have -linsk in my Config (I have included my entire Config below).
Example code appears to run fine, including, except when the
program exits.  On exit I get a segmentation fault.  This feels a lot like
some type of clean-up code is not being compiled properly on my system.
For now I am running with this error and hoping that it is nothing
critical, not my preferred choice but better than bringing all development
to a halt. 

I am using the Sybperl 2.09.02 release by the way, no difference.

Since it doesn't appear anyone else is having this problem I must assume it
has something to do with my system (a generic Redhat 5.0 with latest
patches) or some instruction I missed.

If anyone happens to encounter my problem and stumbles upon a solution I
would love to hear it. Thanks to all for their help.

--- CONFIG file follows ---
# Configuration file for Sybperl
# DBlibrary version. Set to 1000 (or higher) if you have System 10
# Set to 0 if you do not want to build DBlib or if DBlib is not available
# (Linux, for example)

# CTlib version. Set to 0 if Client Library is not available on your
# system, or if you don't want to build the CTlib module. The Client
# Library started shipping with System 10.
# Note that the CTlib module is still under construction, though the
# core API should be stable now.
# Set to 100 if you have System 10.

# Where is the Sybase directory on your system (include files &
# libraries are expected to be found at SYBASE/include & SYBASE/lib

# Additional libraries.
# Some systems require -lnsl or -lBSD.
# Solaris 2.x needs -ltli
# DEC OSF/1 needs -ldnet_stub and may need -lsdna
#   (Note: Under Dec 3.2 you need to *remove* -lsdna from the DBlib/Makefile
#    for things to work. *sigh*)
# SunOS 4.x needs -linsck
# HP-UX 10.x needs -linsck
# AIX 3.2.5 needs -linsck
# Linux needs -linsck
# See the Sybase OpenClient Supplement for your OS/Hardware
# combination.

# Library directory. Under Windows/NT, if you are using the Borland
# compilers, then uncomment the line below:

# Additional #defines.
# With Perl 5.001m, you will need -DUNDEF_BUG.
# With Perl 5.002, none are normally needed, but you may wish to
# use -DDO_TIE to get the benefit of stricter checking on the
# Sybase::DBlib and Sybase::CTlib attributes.
# Use -DNCR_BUG if you are on NCR 3.0 and OpenClient 10.0.x

# If you wish to link Sybase::DBlib and/or Sybase::CTlib statically
# into perl uncomment the line below and run the make normally. Then,
# when you run 'make test' a new perl binary will be built.