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From: Robb Canfield <robbc at canfield dot com>
Subject: Re: Simple SybPerl test fails
Date: Mar 10 1998 12:41AM

I have verified my CONFIG is correct (it has LINKTYPE=Static) and it
appears to build properly, yet all attempts to use CTlib calls results in a
"segmentation fault". I am sure it is something simple I am over looking
but I can't seem to find it.  Has anyone verified that the example (or any
SybPerl code) works under RedHat 5.0?

At 07:58 AM 3/9/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Robb Canfield wrote:
>> After getting SybPerl to compile on RedHat I encountered a "segmentation
>> fault" running one of the examples from Michael Peppler's web page:
>> It appears to run properly and then crashes. I of course altered the
>> 'user', 'password' and "SERVER' entries from the example code. This is
>> running on RedHat 5.0.
>> Has anyone gotten this code to work, or is this example not valid?
>The example is valid.
>I fear it's your build of sybperl that has a problem (see my other
>email on that).
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