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From: Henrik Edlund <piett at piett dot com>
Subject: RE: Microsfot SQL 7 and Sybperl
Date: Mar 9 1998 7:12PM

Yes, and it's the same problem for me. Sybperl seem to be to only good way
to use MS-SQL on an NT server from a Linux machine. If Microsoft changes
the protocol I am doomed.
Do anyone have any more information on these rumours? Are they true?

On Mon, 9 Mar 1998, Tim Holt wrote:

> This happens to be a pretty important issue for me.  We are currently
> "tunneling" in from our external web server to our MS-SQL (6) server
> (inside our firewall) to access customer data.  We are doing this by
> first, setting up a fake server entry in our Sybase server's interface
> file, and then second, doing encrypted port tunneling to get that port
> connected to our MS-SQL server's port.  I hope that makes sense.  Then,
> we use Sybperl in all of our CGI scripting.  We can use it for
> connecting to true local databases on our Sybase server (on our external
> web machine), and also to the internal MS-SQL server.  If MS-SQL 7 &
> Sybase won't "talk", then our fine little hack won't work anymore.
> I hate to think about moving away from using the Sybperl package.  It's
> never ever let us down.  But, does anyone have a suggested path to use
> one API for Sybase and MS-SQL, where they "talk" differently?  Are we
> talking DBD/DBI here?
> Tim Holt, Web Software Guy
> Rogue Wave Software

Henrik Edlund 
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