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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: SybPerl
Date: Mar 5 1998 10:53PM

John (Ufuk) Gedikoglu wrote:
> Rob,
>   You are not alone. I have the very same problem. Michael Peplers home page contains
> a ready executable that works. But does not give any error messages incase of an
> error.
>   He also has a link to the latest version of Perl that can be used with sybperl but
> the link does not get you anywhere. All other stuff I looked at was the source code.
> You need a 'C' compiler to compile. I would assume it would be a project by itself to
> create an executable.
>   It is funny but I have two different PERLs (MKS and ACTIWARE) none can run sybperl.
> If somebody has a good perl binary (I do not care about the source code. I just want
> to get my job done) with sybperl, I would like to know where it is.
>   Where is a good sybperl (binary).

Well - I don't have NT myself, or I would have posted a binary
for the latest version.

If someone is willing to contribute a binary I'll be more than happy
to put it up on my web page.

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