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From: Todd Cooper <tcooper at individual dot com>
Subject: ct_callback from perl
Date: Mar 4 1998 10:59PM

I hope you can help :-)

I am having problems calling ct_callback from sybperl.  Do you have
any examples?  My problem may stem from the fact that I am calling
from my own library.  No way of passing the function seems to work.  I
looked at the test library in the distribution and it was not much

The snippet of code I am using is:
	    $self->log("before setting callbacks retval=$retval error=$!");
	    $retval = $self->{'db_connection'}->ct_callback(CS_CLIENTMSG_CB, \&msg_cb);
	    $self->log("LOC1 retval=$retval error=$!");
	    $retval = $self->{'db_connection'}->ct_callback(CS_SERVERMSG_CB, "srv_cb");
	    $self->log("LOC2 retval=$retval error=$!");

I tried inline functions, defining the function in the perl module
outside the "object" library, perl function in the object library.

I get a variety of error messages back including just the usage

I am a novice with the perl function pointers.

How does the literal "srv_cb" actually work?  Does it look up a global
function with that name?

As in "Adventure", I am at Witt's End and I have read the magazine
(and RTFM)

Todd M. Cooper
NewsEdge Corporation
80 Blanchard Road
Burlington, MA 01803 Voice: 781-313-5634 FAX: 781-273-6088