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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: Can I install sybperl without root permission?
Date: Mar 2 1998 3:41PM

Jlulchen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am new to the sybperl package. I have downloaded the sybperl2.09 in my Sun
> ultra1 machine. I login on as my user name, and unpacked, make,  and make test
> all went OK. But at final stage to make install, the program could not be
> installed into the /usr/local/bin... because I do not have a write permission
> to that directory requested by the program. Is there anyway to get around to
> install sybperl in my local directory or I have to use root to install the
> package.? Many thanks!

perl Makefile.PL LIB=/home/jlulchen/perl-lib

(there may be errors when doing make install, but the files will
still get copied to the right place).

THen you need to add

use lib '/home/jlulchen/perl-lib';
use lib '/home/jlulchen/perl-lib/auto/sun4-solaris';

to your scripts so that they tell perl to look in those directories
to get the libraries.

> P.S. Do I have to use Sun C compiler to compile the package, can I use gcc
> compiler instead?

gcc works fine.

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