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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: Performance Question
Date: Feb 19 1998 11:22PM

Jamie Thingelstad wrote:
> Michael Peppler stated:
> #

> What I'm trying to figure out is that when I do just the INSERT and
> the SP call, the process takes 25mins, after adding the update it
> takes 40min. The code is no more/less complex, just added another
> database call. When looking at Sybase' performance issuing the UPDATE,
> it is deferred and uses the index, thus very very fast individually.

I still think it's the database that's causing the problem (or maybe
the network). Sybperl doesn't seem to be doing much - usually you will
see the cpu rise when you run that sort of app.

> # >
> # > * Is there a performance advantage to using Sybase::CTlib over
> # > Sybase::DBlib?
> #
> # Not that I know of - they are approximately identical, at least
> # for OC 11.x.
> #
> Is there any way to call and forget the database call? In effect, make
> it asynchronous. It would seem to me that what may be happening is the
> program is spending a lot of time waiting for the OK from the DB
> server? I'm grasping... :)

No, sybperl does not support asynch calls to the database (yet), but
I still think the problem is somewhere else.

Have you tried timing different portions of the job (say the first
1000 rows, and the middle 1000, and then the last 1000) to see
if the time it takes for a row to get inserted and processed
stays invariant over time?

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