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From: Randy Moore <ramoore at atlantech dot net>
Subject: Re: Adaptive Server 11.5 and Sybperl.
Date: Feb 19 1998 8:32PM

I have a similar same setup (MS C++ rather than Borland), but have not been
able to get it all to work.  I have the DBlib module working, but CTlib and
BCP modules crash when tested.  Build and install went fine.

Have you tried DBlib or BCP?

Also, from your message, it sounds like you had NT 4.0 and SybPerl 2.09
working with some Sybase server other than Adaptive Server 11.5.  Which
server did it work with?

At 01:44 PM 2/19/98 -904214, you wrote:
>I have been using perl5.00402-bindist04-bc and a version of sybperl-2.09 
>that I compiled with Borland C++ 5.02, under Windows NT4.0 for a while
>now without problems. I now have Adaptive Server 11.5, and am trying
>to re-build sybperl to work with this. It seems to build OK, and install
>OK, but CTconnect always bombs out.
>Has anyone got this build combination to work ?
>Thanx for any help in advance,

- Randy Moore
Atlantech Online, Inc.