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From: philip mikal <philipm at nafohq dot hp dot com>
Subject: Re: help with inserting text
Date: Feb 19 1998 12:47AM

Hello again!

FYI, after much frustration and lots of help from this list, the final solution
for my problem is listed below.  I would have been lost without everyone's 
help - especially Michael, for recommending the qq() method, which was the 
final element to functionality.


Philip Mikal

sub loadindexdata {

open (LINKS, "") || &CgiDie ("I am sorry, but I was
	not able to open the link database.   The value I have is Would you please check the path and the permission.");

while ()
	$_ = $dbh->dbsafestr($_);
	($link_title, $id, $unique_id, $link_url, $link_description, $author_email, $author_name) = split (/\|/, $_);
	$select = qq(insert into link_table values ("$link_title", $id, $unique_id, "$link_url", "$link_description"));
	$select = qq(insert into link_owners_table values ($unique_id, "$author_name", "$author_email"));
close (LINKS);


> wrote:
> > 
> > It looks like Philip forgot to surround the character strings with quotes.
> > I believe single quotes will work without confusing Perl.
> > 
> > My example:
> > 
> > $select = "insert into link_table values ('$link_title', '$id',
> > '$unique_id', '$link_url', '$link_description')"
> > 
> > Quoting isn't necessary for numeric datatypes like int, float, decimal, and
> > so on. So, in this example, if the column for $id is an int, it doesn't
> > need quotes.
> Note that T-SQL becomes confused if the strings being inserted
> (say $link_title) itself contains the ' or " character.
> To minimize this problem I usually use the qq() quoting operator
> to quote the entire string, and then use " to quote strings in the
> insert statement. Any string that is to be inserted that
> contains the " character needs to be checked, and the " duplicated, eg
> 	$link_title =~ s/"/""/g;
> Michael
> -- 
> Michael Peppler       -||-  Data Migrations Inc.
>  -||-