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From: Hugh Caley <hcaley at tdl dot com>
Subject: CGI Problem
Date: Feb 18 1998 6:10PM

I am attempting to access a Sybase 11 database using CGI.  The server is

the latest non-beta Apache, Perl is 5.004_04, platform is Solaris 2.5.1,

Sybperl is 2.09.

I can run the script from the command line, and it works fine.  When I
try to access it from the web, I get a #500 error, and the httpd log

The context allocation routine failed when it tried to load localization

One or more following problems may caused the failure

Your sybase home directory is /sybase. Check the environment variable
SYBASE if it is not the one you want!
Cannot access file /sybase/config/objectid.dat
Sybase::CTlib initialize: cs_ctx_alloc() failed at
/usr/local/lib/perl5/sun4-solaris/5.00404/ line 185.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /var/hughc/apache/cgi-bin/
line 8.
[Wed Feb 18 09:45:24 1998] access to /var/hughc/apache/cgi-bin/
failed for, reason: Premature en
d of script headers

The sybase client folder is in /usr/sybase, and in fact the script
prints out the $SYBASE env var as "/usr/sybase", so why am I getting the

error above?  I have tried running httpd as various users, with no
obvious effect, including as "localsyb" which has the /usr/sybase path.

The text of the script is below, a modified version of Mike's

#       @(#)   1.2     8/7/95

# Using the special one step query routine ct_sql().
# use lib '/usr/src/sybperl-2.09/Sybperl';

use Sybase::CTlib;

$d = new Sybase::CTlib sa, *******, ******;

# ct_sql() returns a 'reference' to an array:
$ref = $d->ct_sql("select * from misc_perl_test..bbpeople where
lastname=\"Robinson\" order by firstname");

print "Content-type: text/html", "\n\n";

print "", "\n";
print "Sybperl Test", "\n";
print "

Sybperl CGI Test

", "\n"; print "Path to Sybase is $ENV{SYBASE}", "\n"; print "

foreach $line (@$ref)  # 'de-reference' the pointer
    print "@$line\n";
print "
", "\n"; print "", "\n" -- Hugh Caley, System Administrator Babcock & Brown, Inc., San Francisco 1+512+1515x694 |