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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: Memory leak in Sybperl 2.0.9 on NT?
Date: Feb 14 1998 12:57AM

Scott Sutherland wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Feb 1998, Michael Peppler wrote:
> > Michael Peppler stated:
> > #
> > # I am aware of the problem - in testing here after 11000 connections
> > # the process space has increased by about 3meg ().
> > #
> > # However I have not been able to find out *where* the leak occurs.
> > #
> > # But I'll try to find some time to find out more.
> > #
> > # Does anyone on the list have purify (or a similar product) that
> > # they could use on sybperl?
> > #
> I ran a test with bounds checker... There were some leaks that were
> reported, but none of them seemed to be particularly large and there
> weren't that many...
> I'm sending the text results to Michael in another message to save
> everyone from having to look at it =) however, if others are interested, I
> will send it to them also...

I haven't looked at the list in any detail, but it seems like
bounds checker only thinks Sybase's libraries leak.

Maybe you could try running something like:


use Sybase::DBlib;

for (1 .. 100) {

sub test {
    my $dbh = new Sybase::DBlib user, pwd, server;
    print ".";  # to see that we're actually doing something


This should exercise the leak that we're seeing (if we're seeing
one in the perl code).

Actually - I should write a small C example that does that to see
if it leaks too...

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