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From: holt at roguewave dot com
Subject: RE: Looking for CGI/Sybperl examples?
Date: Feb 13 1998 9:26PM

We're using Sybperl to go from our website in to our Onyx
( customer database.  It also drives our
online ad/mailer code system, and our Knowledge Base (online FAQ's).
Pretty darn cool useful package.  

I'm kind of like Rick below, proprietary stuff, and actually pretty
large to share in a nutshell.

Tim Holt, Webmaster 2 of 2
Rogue Wave Software

>-----Original Message-----
>From:	Rick Smith []
>Sent:	Friday, February 13, 1998 9:55 AM
>Subject:	Re: Looking for CGI/Sybperl examples?
>On Fri, 13 Feb 1998, Michael Peppler wrote:
>> Steve Allen wrote:
>> > 
>> > FOlks,
>> > 
>> > I am looking for some examples of perl/sybperl and cgi,  does anybody
>> > know where I can find some good'ns..
>> > 
>> > I want to dynamically generate web pages using perl with input fields
>> > and / do database inserts/selects/updates etc.
>I will tell you for a fact that it can be done.
>I do it now with some things we're building
>to register all domain names for the TLD we
>Everything there is done with Perl / SybPerl / Microsoft
>SQL Server 6.5 all on Redhat Linux 4.2 querying SQL on
>an NT 4.0 server across the network...
>I would show you code, but it's pretty proprietary
>Good Luck