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From: Jamie Thingelstad <jjt at mail dot ConcertoTech dot com>
Subject: Re: Memory leak in Sybperl 2.0.9 on NT?
Date: Feb 12 1998 8:45PM

Michael Peppler stated:
# I am aware of the problem - in testing here after 11000 connections
# the process space has increased by about 3meg ().
# However I have not been able to find out *where* the leak occurs.
# But I'll try to find some time to find out more.
# Does anyone on the list have purify (or a similar product) that
# they could use on sybperl?

Hello Michael,

I attempted to run it through Purify but after Purify sat there for 10
minutes doing nothing but exercising the CPU I gave up. This leak can
be exercised with the following test program:

use Sybase::DBlib;

$i = 0;

while (1) {
	printf "Attempt %d.\n", $i++;
	my $dbh = new Sybase::DBlib "xxxxxxxx", "xxxxxxxx", "xxxxxxxx";

If you have a suggestion on how I might make purify work, let me know.

Jamie Thingelstad, Sr. VP & CIO (Fax) 612.338.0069 (Voice) 612.338.0049x24
Concerto Technologies   123 North 3rd St. Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55401