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From: Randy Moore <ramoore at atlantech dot net>
Subject: Re: Memory leak in Sybperl 2.0.9 on NT?
Date: Feb 12 1998 4:47PM

I'm using the same setup. SybPerl 2.0.9, precompiled Perl 5.00402, and I
compiled Sybperl with MS VC++ 5.0.

I didn't get all of SybPerl working, just the DBlib.  CTlib & BCP both crash.

I have a program, that I did not write (but did port from Solaris), that on
some large queries can cause my memory allocation to climb up to 2 Gbytes
(yes Gigabytes, I set my swap space up that hight just to test) at which
point the perl.exe process dies.

I *don't* know that this is a leak in SybPerl.  It could be elsewhere in
this program.

At 02:02 AM 2/12/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I just installed Sybperl 2.0.9 along with the precompiled Perl 5.00402
>install. I compiled Sybperl 2.0.9 with Visual C++ 5.0.
>Everything works fine, however I have a program that creates and
>destroys thousands of database handles. When doing this the memory
>allocation climbs and eventually the perl.exe process freezes up.
>Anyone else able to reproduce this?
>Jamie Thingelstad, Sr. VP & CIO (Fax) 612.338.0069 (Voice) 612.338.0049x24
>Concerto Technologies   123 North 3rd St. Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55401

- Randy Moore
Atlantech Online, Inc.