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From: phil_groce at cmcsmart dot com (Phil Groce)
Subject: Re: SQLAnywhere and PerlWin32
Date: Feb 10 1998 9:34PM

At 03:02 PM 2/10/98 -0500, Wasim Juned wrote:
>Has anyone had experience of accessing SQLAnywhere using Perl and
>Sybperl on an NT box? At the moment I am looking into the possibility of
>accessing SQL data for a web page so any advice on previous attempts would
>be much appreciated - ie has anyone done this before :-)
>Cheers Wasim.

I can only speak for Sybperl on Solaris 2.5.1 + SQL Anywhere on NT, but it
runs pretty seamlessly -- just make sure the Open Server Gateway is running
on the SQL Anywhere box.  Then just treat it as a regular Sybase server wrt
sql.ini, db handles etc.

If you want to access SQL Anywhere through the web without Open Server
Gateway, I suggest looking at Powersoft's PowerDynamo (nee NetImpact
Dynamo) if you haven't already.  It will run as a NSAPI or (I think) ISAPI
app, so it seems to use a good deal less CPU overhead than CGI/perl.
However, I find Sybperl much more reliable and flexible than the hybrid
Javascript that Dynamo uses -- it also insists on storing the pages inside
a SQL Anywhere DB, where, in my experience, strange things sometimes happen
to them....but they've allegedly improved it some since I last used it, so
maybe this isn't an issue.

In any event, good luck!

phil groce
CMC, Inc. / Memphis TN