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From: Tom Poindexter <poindexter dot tom at tci dot com>
Subject: Re: Linux Client Libraries
Date: Feb 9 1998 6:21PM

On Mon, Feb 09, 1998 at 08:32:04AM -0800, Michael Peppler wrote:
> Folks,
> A new copy of Linux Client Library has reached me... it includes
> shared libraries for everything, so it is now possible to build
> mod_perl + sybperl for linux, as well as building sybperl dynamically
> on linux.
> It is available from my web page now, with the same 'no tech support'
> rules from Sybase.
> I'd like to thank Bert Vermeulen for getting Sybase to produce this.
Hi Michael,

Do you know much about these libraries?  The dates on the lib files are
'Feb 18  1996', which date even before the Linux ELF (.a) files
that Scott Gray has on his page:
(Scott credits Greg Thain for this adaptation.)

Sybase makes no mention of this lib on their WWW site:

As far as that goes, they seemed to have removed any Linux libs from their
web pages, although still has the original offering.

Tom Poindexter