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From: Len Buzyna <len at shocktube dot che dot uic dot edu>
Subject: Compiling Sybperl and LD_LIBRARY_PATH problems
Date: Dec 28 1998 8:56PM

I didn't see this exact problem specifically mentioned on the list or in
the FAQ. I am attempting to use Perl 5.005_02/Sybperl 2.10 on Solaris 2.6 
with the 10.0.2 OpenClient libraries.

The contents of CONFIG are as follows:
EXTRA_LIBS=-ltli -lnsl

If LD_LIBRARY_PATH in my shell environment is set to /opt/sybase/lib
then everything works great, all tests pass and sample programs will run.
If LD_LIBRARY_PATH is NOT set, then I get the following trying to run

bash-2.02$ perl -version perl: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory

So my question is: How do I compile /opt/sybase/lib into the library search 
path for the static Perl binary? I know this can be done, since the
previous maintainer of Sybperl at my site somehow managed to do it (he's
gone now, unfortuantely). I thought that just specifying SYBASE=/opt/sybase 
in CONFIG would take care of this. I also tried adding LD_RUN_PATH =
-L/opt/sybase/lib into the generated Makefile, but that didn't work
either. The Perl binary just can't seem to find the Sybase libraries.

Right now we have CGIs that use Perl 5.004 and Sybperl 2.09 and I would
really like to upgrade to 5.005 and 2.10. These CGIs don't make use
of a wrapper, that's why I want to continue to avoid using one. I know the
http daemon doesn't do anything with respect to setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH
either, so the 5.004 Perl binary must know to search /opt/sybase/lib
for the Sybase libraries. For whatever reason though, I just can't seem
to make this work with my newly compiled copy of 5.005/2.10. Is there
something I'm missing here? Any help is much appreciated!


- Len Buzyna