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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Problems with building sybperl 2.09.05
Date: Dec 18 1998 2:32PM

>>>>> "Barry" == Smith, Barry  writes:

Barry> sorry to email you like this, but I've been struggling to get
Barry> Sybperl 2.09.05 built on NT and am looking for some help.

Barry> Some details Using Activestate Perl 5.005_02 Using Microsoft
Barry> VC++ 5.0, but have also tried 4.2 and 4.1

Barry> The problem arises when 'making' CTLIB, i.e.

Barry> D:\utils\sybperl-2.09_05\CTlib>nmake

Barry> CTlib.c D:\utils\Perl\lib\CORE\perl.h(1232) : error C2644:
Barry> basis class 'CPerlObj' for po inter to member has not been
Barry> defined D:\Progra~1\Sybase\include\cstypes.h(726) : error
Barry> C2059: syntax error : '->'


THis seems like some problem between the ActiveState version of perl
(which adds the CPerlObj stuff - it does not exist in the "normal"
version of perl).

Do you happen to have an older version of perl lying around?

Have you tried downloading the binary version of sybperl from
ActiveState's site?

Maybe you also need to ask someone at activestate (maybe on some of
their mailing lists) as I've never used this at all...

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