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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Sybtools
Date: Dec 16 1998 7:17PM

>>>>> "Thanasis" == Thanasis Bothos  writes:

Thanasis> Michael, I am posting this question here since your answer
Thanasis> might be of interest to others on the list: I was not able
Thanasis> to locate on your web site the SybTools code of your article
Thanasis> in the ISUG magazine which I received yesterday.  What is
Thanasis> its URL?

Theoretically it should also be available at the ISUG site, but I
guess that hasn't been done yet.

Note that this package was written as an illustration for the
article, and to give people ideas about what can be done with
subclassing and inheritence. I have not used it (yet) in a production
environment, so there may be some bugs in the code.

I would appreciate it if anyone using it first checked their results
correctly before committing to it.

For those of you who are not ISUG members: I've written a second
article for the ISUG Technical journal that covers some ideas on how
to write better perl/sybperl code (using Sybase::CTlib) by creating a
specialized module that hides most of the
ct_execute/ct_results/ct_fetch complexity from the programmer. If you
want the article you should join ISUG :-) (although I may post it on
my web site sometime in the future - the article is copyrighted by

Also - I may decide to add this module to the normal sybperl
distribution. If I do that then the name is likely to change to
something like Sybase::Tools to avoid any risk of namespace clashes.

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