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From: Dave Waller <dwaller at precisiondrive dot com>
Subject: Re: Sybperl ODBC kludge
Date: Dec 4 1998 10:44PM

Well since I have writen last I have found out more (read:enough to make me puke)
about my db server.  And I am sorry to say it sucks.  So I am not going to do _any_
ODBC links to it and reserve that ability for when we want to get the data out and
put it in another package.  Hopefully soon.

Thanks for answering the ???? though.

Dave Waller

Michael Peppler wrote:

> Dave Waller writes:
>  > Ok this may or may not be what I should do but....
>  >
>  > My company has this legacy accounting program that has a "new" db called
>  > Unidata.  I have an ODBC hook to it in Winblows95/NT only.  The ODBC driver
>  > is by Sybase.  Now to the interesting part.  I want to use perl on my Linux
>  > webserver to read the Unidata database and I am thinking that if I put Sybase
>  > on the webserver and use sybperl to read some views that I create out of an
>  > ODBC hook to the real db on the AIX server.
>  >
>  > Am I mad or is this do-able?
> Sorry it took me so long to respond...
> I don't think that this is doable "out of the box".
> I suspect that you'd have to write an openserver app on the NT box
> that undestands OpenClient calls on one side and sends ODBC requests
> on the other.
> Not a really clean solution.
> You might be able to use DBI with DBD::Proxy by running a proxy server
> on teh NT box, but I don't know much about how that would work.
> Michael
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