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From: John R Sharp <jsharp at ti dot com>
Subject: Re:DynaLoader problem
Date: Dec 4 1998 12:04AM

Michael, thanks for the fast reply.

> This is *usually* a sign that LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set and has 
> /usr/lib or /lib *before* $SYBASE/lib. 
> ...

Yes, but not in my case.  For some reason I could not get this 
working without having LD_LIBRARY_PATH in my environment. However, 
after looking at what the @dl_library_path does in 
with LD_LIBRARY_PATH, I changed that and got it working.

Its almost as if it forgets where it got the libs from after its
installed. I had the same problem with it not finding the 
DBD::Oracle libs so its probably not something directly related 
to DBD::Sybase.  Although I have built SybPerl many times without
this problem.

Anyway, I can run with my altered for now, I'll
post a follow up if I find out what the real cause was.  

BTW, I also have SybPerl, DBD::Oracle and Tk in my Perl 
build, and it all works now !

Thanks again.

 Texas Instruments Inc         Product Development
 PO BOX 660199          Voice:+1 972 480 4253 (CST) Office:FORE/A-1043
 Dallas, TX 75266-0199  FAX  :+1 972 480 4146       MS:8645   MSG:JARS