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From: Roleigh Martin <rol at uhc dot com>
Subject: Can someone share a web page/cgi/sybperl script to work with sybase?
Date: Dec 2 1998 9:33PM


I've worked with Sybase for 5 years and sybperl 4.X for over 1 
year and know basic HTML but not CGI.  I've recently gotten 
several books, "Offical Guide to Programming with", 
"Building Sybase Web Sites", "Web Programming with Perl 5" and 
"Perl Cookbook."  

I've also asked our Unix (IBM AIX) system administrators to 
install the following upgrades:

   SybPerl (latest version, which is 2.10):

   Perl (currently Perl version 5.005_02): (Perl CGI Subroutine Library, latest version is 2.43):

   instructions for installing the module:

In addition, I asked for security access (appropriate 
read/write/execute privlege suitable for doing cgi script 
programming) to the cgi-bin, conf, htdocs, httpd, icons, logs, 
support directories beneath the directory where Our_Unix_Box's 
web server points to.

While I am awaiting the above (did I leave anything out?), could 
someone please show me everything that would be required to show 
a web page that shows nothing but the results of doing the 
following task (using something that exists in everybody's Sybase 

   select suid, uid, gid, name from sysusers

   [then from the list that is generated, allowing the user to 
   highlight one line, press double-click with the mouse, and 
   to have the CGI script execute the following (pretend the user 
   highlights the line that shows "dbo")]

   select suid, name, environment=substring(environ,1,25) from 
   sysusers where name = 'dbo'

If I could see how the above is done, I could finish my task very 
fast--the above would be a fantastic example program.

Thanks for helping me.  If anyone can do this, I'll gladly mail them
a free book by Ed and Jennifer Yourdon, Time Bomb 2000 -- just give
me your mailing address.  I have an extra, unused copy of the book
on hand (I'm in the Christmas spirit).

Roleigh Martin

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