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From: philip dot c dot w dot chan at hsbcam dot com
Subject: Problem with "attempt to free unreferenced scalar ..."
Date: Nov 26 1998 7:41AM


       Recently I discovered the following error occurred to our
       perl/sybperl program:

       "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar at  "

       The problem occurred approximately twice month and isn't easy
       to simulate.  What I could see is, nearly all occasions the
       following command was involved:

       " = qx /date .... /"

       Has anyone ever came across the same problem? and most
       importantly, is there any way to fix it?

       We're running HPUX 10.20, perl version is 5.00404 and sybperl
       is 2.08.

       From the latest perl version 5.00502, I read from certain
       readme files about fixes on unreferenced memory problems, is
       this going to help?

       Thanks for your attention [and help].

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