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From: John Gilmore-Baldwin <john at dwx dot com>
Subject: Re: sp_spaceused in sybperl
Date: Nov 21 1998 5:03PM

I saved this message in case I ever needed to use this procedure.  Well, I
decided I needed it, but now I fall into an infinite loop.

Here's the loop that won't quit:

$sqlstatement = "sp_spaceused $loresdata{tablename}";
$result = $HiresDBHandle->dbsqlexec;
while ($HiresDBHandle->dbresults != NO_MORE_RESULTS)
	while (@data = $HiresDBHandle->dbnextrow)
		print "@data\n";
	#print "la-de-dah\n";

If I leave in the print statement, the loop is processing.

So, what am i missing?


>Kimber Robbins writes:
> > I am writing a sybperl script to run sp_spaceused and print the output
> > to a file. I am using Sybase::DBlib. I keep getting the following error:
> >
> > DB-Library error:
> >         Attempt to initiate a new SQL Server operation with results
> > pending.
> >
> > Does anyone know why this is happening? Also dbsucceed fails.
>The stored proc returns multiple result sets.
>Call it with $dbh->sql(), or make sure that you execute dbresults() in
>a loop until it returns NO_MORE_RESULTS, like this:
>$dbh->dbcmd("sp_spaceused the_table");
>while($dbh->dbresults != NO_MORE_RESULTS) {
>	while(@dat = $dbh->dbnextrow) {
>		print "@dat\n";    # or whatever you want to do...
>	}
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