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From: John_Erjavec at cargill dot com
Subject: Re: Moving up from Sybperl 4.0 to Sybperl 5.0/web-to-sybas
Date: Nov 16 1998 7:24PM

     This looks like the same error that I was getting when using ct_sql.  
     The problem I was having had to do with the way I was dereferencing 
     my variables.  I don't have the rest of your post anymore, but here 
     is how I was getting at the variables (the right way):
     +++++++++++++++++++CODE CHUNK++++++++++++++++++++++
     $rows = $X->ct_sql("admin who", undef, 1) || die "execute failed!";
     foreach $r (@$rows) {
             if (($$r{'Name'} =~ /^DSI\s*$/) &&
                     ($$r{'Info'} =~ /.+\..+/)) {
                     printf STDOUT "Name: %s -- Info: %s\n",
                       $$r{'Name'}, $$r{'Info'};
     +++++++++++++++++++CODE CHUNK++++++++++++++++++++++
     Like I said before, if there's a better way, let me know. *g*  (I'm 
     thinking of trying this with the ct_execute method instead, and 
     processing it a row at a time, but I'm not sure which would be 
     better, faster, or more readable .)

______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________
Subject: Re: Moving up from Sybperl 4.0 to Sybperl 5.0/web-to-sybas
Author:  mpeppler ( at mtka-unix-mime
Date:    11/13/98 6:40 PM

Bahri Sofienne writes:
 > i use CTlib to acess a data base, i want to use ct_sql("execute 
 > $Stored_proc....."),
 > i have always this message error:
 > Not a HASH reference at /logiciels/sybperl/lib/site_perl/Sybase/ 
 > line 895.
 > $resultArray = $db->ct_sql( "execute $STORED_PROC $SP_ARGUMENTS", undef, 
 > TRUE );
Try changing the last argument to 1 instead of TRUE. I don't know why 
that would make a difference, but you never know...
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