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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Moving up from Sybperl 4.0 to Sybperl 5.0/web-to-sybase project; need help
Date: Nov 13 1998 1:43AM

Roleigh Martin writes:
 > Anyway, at my "straight" job, I need to be able to do updates and 
 > selects against a Sybase database on unix from within a web page that
 > goes against a unix-hosted web server (we use RS/6000 AIX computers).

You should get a good book on CGI programing (there are several out
there that specialize on perl CGI programing). Also, read the
documentation of the module (this is part of recent perl 5

And you should familiarize yourself with perl5/sybperl 2.x
syntax. Start by writing some simple perl/sybperl scripts that are run 
from the command line. Writing CGI scripts is usually really simple,
once the basics have been mastered.

If you are an ISUG member there will be an article by Yours Truly in
the next issue on Sybase::CTlib programing. That article is a
follow-up on the article I wrote a couple of years ago (and that is
available on my web page.)

Good luck!

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