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From: Roleigh Martin <rol at uhc dot com>
Subject: Moving up from Sybperl 4.0 to Sybperl 5.0/web-to-sybase project; need help
Date: Nov 12 1998 10:05PM


I just stumbled across the sybperl-listserv today and have looked
at several of the last months of the archive.

I am currently familiar with sybperl 4.0X (trying to upgrade to 
sybperl 5.0X) and I know the basics of HTML (I have my own web
site of static pages at which focuses
on Y2k and the embedded systems threat to core infrastructures -- you
might find it interesting -- I have published 23 some Y2k articles in
the trade press).

Anyway, at my "straight" job, I need to be able to do updates and 
selects against a Sybase database on unix from within a web page that
goes against a unix-hosted web server (we use RS/6000 AIX computers).

Can you give me some starters where to look for documentation, examples,
etc?  I have never written a cgi script, so that is part of my task to
learn too.

I have worked with sybase SQL Server for about 6 years though.


Roleigh Martin

  Roleigh Martin,M.A. (home email)
    ( easy to remember alias is: )
(A Web Site that focuses on Y2k threat to Core Infrastructures)
  5511 Malibu Drive, Edina MN 55436 (U.S. Mail Address--home)
     612-992-4592 (work - 9a-6p, CST); 612-933-3092 (home)