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From: "Damodharan, Venkat (VDamodharan)" <Venkat dot Damodharan at dresdnerrcm dot com>
Subject: RE: Errors running 'make test'
Date: Nov 12 1998 4:49PM

Hi there,

I have a perl 5_0004 installed on /opt/gnu/perl5 directory initially, it
seems that some one has
moved it to /opt/gnu_mnt/perl5 directory later.  My perl @INC list is
looking into /opt/gnu/perl5 directory only.  I need to change the @INC to
look into /opt/gnu_mnt/perl5.  How can I do that?.

Also, when I verified 'perl -V', i have noticed the perl is compiled with
the /opt/gnu/perl5 for dynamic linking and etc.  How can I change this?.



-----Original Message-----
From: Anil Sodhy []
Sent: Thursday, November 12, 1998 8:36 AM
To: SybPerl Discussion List
Subject: Errors running 'make test'

Thanks to Michael Peppler's comments on sybperl
( I have managed to get
sybperl to run on my RedHat 5.1 Linux box.  

I did, however, have to recompile perl.  The source for perl 5.005_02 was
downloaded freshly from
(I selected the latest stable release). I am not sure how that has
affected perl in general.  I don't use perl a whole lot and am very weak
in it so I may not get to stress-test perl with the changes I had to make
in order to get sybperl to work. In any case, with the limited testing I
have done, it does work well enough in order to query the co-resident
Sybase DB.

The sample code provided on works very

Thanks, Michael, for a great job!

Anil K. Sodhy (