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From: Michael Peppler <mpeppler at MBAY dot NET>
Subject: Re: can't make sybperl
Date: Nov 6 1998 8:04PM

Neil Ratzlaff writes:
 > Ok, I will go on your statement that perl is not setup properly.  I found *8*
 > perl binaries on this computer (one of them is version 4.x) and not one of
 > them
 > has associated with it.  i guess the easiest way is to install a new
 > copy of perl (#9) and use that for tests.
 > I think I have to stick with 5.002 for now, because we are still using
 > OpenClient 10, which I was told works with 5.002 but not 5.004.  If this is
 > wrong, please point me to some documentation that I can use to persuade
 > them to
 > use the latest and greatest.

That's total BS. The version of OC is totally irrelevant to the
version of perl that you are using. Unfortunately I don't have any
documentation, apart from what I'm going to write here:

I can build sybperl here interchangeably with OC 10.0.3, 11.1 and
11.1.1 with perl 5.004_04 or perl 5.005_02 with absolutely no
problems. I could probably build a copy with OC 4.x if I still had
that lying around...

I would suggest that if you have about 30 minutes you get perl
5.004_04 or 5.005_02, and build it in your home directory.

Then build sybperl with that copy of perl, and see if all is well. I
very much doubt that you're going to hit any snags due to the version
of OC vs. the version of perl.

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