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From: Neil Ratzlaff <Neil dot Ratzlaff at ucop dot edu>
Subject: can't make sybperl
Date: Nov 5 1998 10:28PM

I am trying and failing to install sybperl-2.07 (to go along with perl
5.002 and sybase 10) on a machine running AIX 4.2.1.  To keep things
simple, here is what I did:

1.  Edit CONFIG.
I changed the Sybase definition to point to the sybase clientlib directory.

2.  perl Makefile.PL
got minor errors now, but wait until step 4:
"sh: .././blib/man/man3/Sybase::BCP.3: 0403-005 Cannot create specified file"
"Couldn't install sh: .././blib/man/man3/Sybase::BCP.3"
Couldn't chmod 644, either
(however, when I look, it is there, set with 644)
"ld: 0711-327 WARNING: Entry point not found: _nostart"

3.  Edit PWD
I provided a valid user, password, and database server

4.  make test
got major error:
"Can't locate in @INC at .././blib/Sybase/  line 224"
"Begin failed.  Compilation aborted."

So I looked for on the whole computer, and came up empty.   Where
was this file supposed to come from?  I suspect this a perl file, which
implies that I should re-install perl (I don't know anything about the
original perl installation).  Where do I go next?

I know these are simple things, but perl is something I know little about,
especially on this level.

Thanks for your help.