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From: "Eric W dot Bradway" <eric at bradway dot net>
Subject: Re: Make test failed
Date: Nov 2 1998 9:49PM

Make sure your SYBASE environment variable is pointing to /opt/sybase
(provided that's where you put SYBASE) and that the PWD file contains a
valid user ID, password and servername. If you followed the Quick-Start
How-to like I did and haven't created any new users, that should be:


After alot of fiddling over the past couple days and just now finally got a
"no errors" on the compile. I haven't actually tested it yet. I also just
got DBD:Sybase installed, but Perl doesn't seem to want to find the drivers.


BTW, does anyone out there have any hints as to how I should set my LC_ALL
env. var? It's currently set to 'default' which makes my rebuild of Perl
scream on every module that it's defaulting it to 'C'. I set it to 'C' but
something else complained that it didn't like that. Should I maybe use
'ENGLISH' - which would seem the most logical thing to do?

Also, in general, for a newbie to SQL and Perl, would it be bettern to learn
SybPerl or DBD? I'm inclined to use DBD because of the broader support for
servers, but I need to develop something now using Sybase and the DBD:Sybase
drivers are still Alpha...

>I've just installed Sybase ASE for Linux, on a system running Redhat Linux,
>and now I've gotten around to installing Sybperl - however when I get to
>'make test' part of the install I get the following error message:
>make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/sybperl-2.09_05/BCP'
>make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/sybperl-2.09_05/BCP'
>make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/sybperl-2.09_05/CTlib'
>make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/sybperl-2.09_05/CTlib'
>make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/sybperl-2.09_05/DBlib'
>make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/sybperl-2.09_05/DBlib'
>make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/sybperl-2.09_05/Sybperl'
>make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/sybperl-2.09_05/Sybperl'
>make[1]: Entering directory `/opt/sybperl-2.09_05/BCP'
>/usr/bin/perl -I.././blib/arch -I.././blib/lib -I/usr/lib/perl5/i386-linux/
>.00401 -I/usr/lib/perl5 -e 'use Test::Harness qw(&runtests $verbose);
>$verbose=0; runtests @ARGV;' t/*.t
> Test returned status 22 (wstat 5632)
>DIED. FAILED tests 2-9
> Failed 8/9 tests, 11.11% okay
>Failed Test  Status Wstat Total Fail  Failed  List of failed
>t/bcp.t          22  5632     9    8  88.89%  2-9
>make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/sybperl-2.09_05/BCP'
>( * Note: I was carrying out the installation as root. * )
>Does anyone know what could be causing this? Is it a problem with Sybase,
>with my installation of perl.
>My apologies if this error has been the result of me overlooking something
>in the instructions - I'm new to this stuff.