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From: "Scott D Urban" <Scott_Urban at freddiemac dot com>
Subject: Re: DBlib error handling
Date: Nov 2 1998 4:20PM

Thanks for the responses.

I think I found the problem.  I've been running my script in debug mode.
When I run it normally it is working properly.

> perl
+++++++++  in message_handler  +++++++++++++
Sybase::DBlib=HASH(0x18e2cc) 137 2 15 Must declare variable '@@getdat'.
hq103sr3  1
+++++++++  in error_handler ++++++++++++++
Sybase::DBlib=HASH(0x18e2cc) 5 20018 -1 General SQL Server error: Check
messages from the SQL Server.

> perl -d

Loading DB routines from version 1.01
Emacs support available.

Enter h or `h h' for help.

main::(    my ($dbh);
  DB<1> r
Msg 137, Level 15, State 2
Server 'hq103sr3', Line 1
        Must declare variable '@@getdat'.
DB-Library error:
        General SQL Server error: Check messages from the SQL Server.
2083:     "Debugged program terminated.  Use `q' to quit or `R' to

I'm a big fan of debug mode.  Is there a way to get it to work in this

Thanks again,

Michael Peppler  on 10/30/98 05:19:49 PM

Please respond to
 To:      SybPerl Discussion List     
 cc:      (bcc: Scott D Urban/ISS/HQ/FHLMC)                   
 Subject: DBlib error handling                                

Scott D Urban writes:
 > I'm having trouble understanding the error handler in DBlib.  I am
 > expecting one of the handlers to get called in this (or any other) error
 > scenario.  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I don't know - your little script definitely triggers both the message
handler and the error handler here. I added a print "@_\n" in both
handlers, and here's what I get:

kiruna (2:18pm):3 > perl
+++++++++  in message_handler  +++++++++++++
 5701 2 0 Changed database context to 'master'.   1
+++++++++  in message_handler  +++++++++++++
 5703 1 0 Changed language setting to 'us_english'.   1
+++++++++  in message_handler  +++++++++++++
Sybase::DBlib=HASH(0x135ed8) 137 2 15 Must declare variable '@@getdat'.   1
+++++++++  in error_handler ++++++++++++++
Sybase::DBlib=HASH(0x135ed8) 5 20018 -1 General SQL Server error: Check
messages from the SQL Server.

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