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From: Rich Koland <richk at minn dot net>
Subject: Return value on inserts from CTLIB & SYBPERL
Date: Oct 30 1998 3:26PM

I am not sure if this made it to the list before or not, but if it has,
please ignore.

It seems that when I do an insert to a non-existent table in Sybase
using CTLib and SYBPERL, I still get a return value indicating success
of the insert.  I am using the code example found on the Mike Peppler
CTLib page and in the SYBPERL docs.

A couple of users at our shop have also used this code and have found
the same problem.  Any help would be appreciated (samples, etc.).

A code sample is available.

Rich Koland
Web Programmer / Analyst    National Marrow Donor Program      Fax: 612.627.8175
"The views expressed in this correspondence are mine and not necessarily

those of The National Marrow Donor Program"