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From: Nathan Pilatzke <nathan at info dot load-otea dot hrdc-drhc dot gc dot ca>
Subject: what am i doing wrong?
Date: Oct 27 1998 1:00AM

I wrote in earlier about a 'long binary' value getting truncated.  I tried
the suggested
         $dbh->ct_sql("set textsize xxx");
code, setting xxx to 65536 (double the default) but the field is still
truncated in the same place (it also truncates in the same place when I
set xxx to lower than 32768, a good indication that this statement is
doing nothing).

So I tried 
         $dbh->ct_option(CS_SET, CS_OPT_TEXTSIZE, 65536, CS_INT_TYPE);
and got an error message in the logs that said
Can't locate auto/Sybase/CTlib/ in @INC at
/usr/local/lib/cgi-bin/sybperl/sybperl.cgi line 183

Can anyone help me?  I was thinking next of trying the
command, but I'd like the application to only use CTlib if I can, I don't
want to have to use another library.

I'm really puzzled as to why the "set" command doesn't work.


>  > but the second one truncates the rather
>  > large 'long binary' data that I'm trying to read from the database.
> $dbh->ct_sql("set textsize xxx");
> with xxx large enough for your binary data.
> This can also be set via ct_option().
> Michael
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