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From: Bill Dossett <bill at bill dot co dot uk>
Subject: problems making.
Date: Oct 12 1998 10:42AM


I've got a _stupid_ problem.  About a month ago,
I got Sybperl, and the Sybase ctlib for Linux.
Compiled it all, it works wrote some applications.
I'm using M$ SQL server until I get Sybase ASE running anyway.

Then I was installing the same stuff at home this
weekend as it works faster running sybperl on a local
machine rather than remote while I'm developing.
I used the same Sybase libraries and the same
verion of Sybperl.  Sybase libraries are fine,
I've compiled xisql and I can connect and send
queries.  Sybperl compiles with no complaints.
When I run make test, it fails the second test
saying my SQL server doesn't support cursors.
As I remember this is what happened on the first
system however... it did create a perl binary
that worked.  This one doesn't create the binary.
I've copied everything from the original configuration
that worked for me... and can't get it to work.

Now... really exasperating, I've tried to compile
Sybperl on the original system this moring to
see what it does and it does the same thing as
abov... arrrgggg... the long and short is: does
anybody know what can make it fail making the
new perl binary?

I'm really at a loss as I actually wrote down everyting
I did to configure the first one and I've followed the
steps exactly and now things are getting weird.
Thanks for any ideas anyone can think of.


If a man speaks in a woods and there is
no woman there to hear him, is he still wrong?