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From: "Peter Collard" <collardp at rabo-bank dot com>
Subject: RE: IDENTITY Columns
Date: Oct 7 1998 7:11AM

You've obviously got a very large identity col - numeric(22) at a guess. As a result you are 'burning' a
lot of values when you shutdown the server with nowait - or just crash it.

Theres not much point in having identity cols > numeric(10) as the algorithm for 'burning' cant handle anything larger
without loosing a lot of values. You should configure 'identity burning set factor' to 1, but even that wont make much impact 
due to the size of your column.


Peter Collard 
Sybase Database Administrator
"The views expressed in this correspondence are mine and not necessarily those of Rabobank International"

-----Original Message-----
From:	Brad Dietrich []
Sent:	Monday, October 05, 1998 5:15 PM
To:	SybPerl Discussion List
Subject:	IDENTITY Columns

I have a numeric data column with an IDENTITY constraint.  After several
days, I noticed that the identity numbers the
database was producing were huge (e.g. 100000000000016).  For some
reason sybase decided to jump from 6432 to
100000000000001 for the identity numbers.  The real problem arose when
ctlib in perl returned scientific notation for the
identity number causing me to lose the last digit and thus nolonger
having a unique number.  How do you stop sybase from
producing these huge numbers, or make ctlib return an integer
representation of this number?

Thanks in advance.